Q: How did you get into the cyber insurance industry?

A: I started out as a Claims Manager in my family’s business, Gruppo Spada SpA, in 2020. We are a team of loss adjusters, working with almost every major Italian insurer. Ever since joining, I have been keen to ensure that we remain competitive in the fast-changing environment in which we operate. As both a family and a company, we explored the latest industry trends and quickly identified cyber insurance as a key area for us to specialize in.

Q: What brought you to the Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist (CCIS) course?

A: I extensively researched the most efficient ways to hit the ground running in the cyber insurance sector and, in particular, I looked into comprehensive professional courses which could provide a strong foundation in this field. The CCIS course seemed to be a perfect fit for me, both in terms of the topics covered and its course structure.

Q: What cyber trends from the past few years have taken you by surprise?

A: The effect of Covid-19 on cyber security has been astounding, especially the ways in which criminals have exploited vulnerabilities in new tools developed as a result of the pandemic to strike and generate substantial illicit profit.

Q: What doors have been opened for you as a result of the course?

A: The CCIS course gave me a solid foundation on which to handle cyber claims with confidence. It, therefore, has represented a significant commercial opportunity not only for me as a professional but also for my company in general, as we are now well equipped to answer the influx of cyber claims in the Italian insurance market.

Q: What do you think the CCIS course has to offer that other courses do not?

A: Undoubtedly, its structure. The 24/7 availability of the Academy allowed me to follow lessons as and when I had time and so it did not affect my working schedule, as other courses do. Moreover, the course’s support team has always been exceptionally helpful whenever needed.

Q: Where do you see the Cyber Insurance market in the next 3 years?

A: I anticipate that cyber insurance professionals will become subject to intensive regulation as knowledge within the field increases. In addition, I expect a general growth in awareness of the need for cyber policies – particularly for small-medium-sized businesses. All in all, I am optimistic about this industry. I am filled with excitement to watch the market evolve and to remain up to date on its developments through the Cyber Insurance Academy.