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The Cyber Insurance Academy was thrilled to host Yuval Sapir, from Sling Cyber Insurance, in our most recent CI Academy+ Masterclass: The Darknet – A Behind The Scenes Take on the Dark Side of the Internet. A summary and recording of the session can be found below.
Interest in cyber insurance for cryptocurrencies has gained momentum in recent years. This is not surprising: investments have been pouring into cryptocurrency and high-profile cyberattacks on crypto exchanges have grown in frequency. Although Bitcoin value has dipped since the start of 2022 and has yet to fully recover, the increased focus from legislators and regulators on this market indicates that crypto is here to stay. 
We were delighted to host Marko Polunic for our highly anticipated EDR Masterclass last week. Marko is the Director of Business Development of Europe, Middle East and Africa at CrowdStrike and boasts over a decade of experience in cyber insurance underwriting. He now works with insurance and legal professionals, helping them to adopt some of the most advanced security platforms for protecting critical areas of enterprise risk.