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Here’s a free taste of our world-class Cyber Insurance Training – CCIS Demo

Still uncertain about whether becoming a Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist? Why not try before you buy with our free course preview!
ccis demo

Watch CEO and Co-founder. Guy Simkin, present a CCIS demo and get a taste of what the Cyber Insurance Academy has to offer, its interactive platform, course modules and more!

The CCIS course was designed by a global advisory council of education specialists, cyber security experts and leading insurance professionals. It’s why we can proudly offer a world-class, gold standard and internationally recognized certification to our graduates.

In this CCIS Demo:

  • Welcome to the Academy
  • The state of the cyber insurance market
  • Why cyber insurance is the beginning of a much bigger technological disruption to insurance products
  • The cyber knowledge gap and severe talent shortage
  • The Academy’s Educational Pillars: Courses, Community, Continuing Education
  • CCIS syllabus and Course preview
  • Accreditation and Certification


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