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Emergence Insurance Selects The Cyber Insurance Academy To Take Its Cyber Expertise To The Next Level

The award-winning cyber underwriting company has turned to the Cyber Insurance Academy as part of its employee education strategy.
Emergence Insurance Selects The Cyber Insurance Academy To Take Its Cyber Expertise To The Next Level

SYDNEY – 6 April 2022 – The Cyber Insurance Academy, the only provider of cyber insurance academia to be accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute, has today announced its prestigious, new partnership with award-winning cyber insurance underwriters at Emergence Insurance. The Cyber Insurance Academy will deliver its online educational program to Emgence’s team of cyber underwriters, bridging any gaps in cyber insurance knowledge and, ultimately, driving business growth. 

“Cyber insurance is what we do, and we are happy to find a cyber insurance-related course. The content of the course is varied, and we trust our people will benefit from their participation in the course,” explains COO of Emergence, Colin Pausey.

Troy Filipcevic, CEO, added: “investing in the growth and experience of our team is paramount in what we do at Emergence. Continuously training our staff is an integral part of the service and expertise we provide our broker partners.”

“I am delighted to see Emergence Insurance is investing in employee education and are joining our Academy community – which currently stands at hundreds of cyber insurance professionals from over 40 different countries,” says Guy Simkin,  co-founder and CEO of the Cyber Insurance Academy. “Any organization seriously looking to claim a stake in the lucrative cyber insurance market will need to mitigate the current academic deficit plaguing the industry – only with a robust and thorough education of the combined spheres of cybersecurity and insurance, can these professionals truly thrive and generate tangible profit. I am excited to see the impact of our CCIS course on the Emergence team in Australia”.

The Cyber Insurance Academy has taken a different approach to cyber risk transfer mechanisms and believes that the market today is in desperate need of education in order to unlock the development of the cyber insurance product and to support cyber policy buyers more confidently. Our educational program is accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute – a mark of distinction awarded only to programs that meet a rigorous criteria, namely, clear value-added, high standards of academic quality, and the delivery of tangible professional development. 

For more information about the Cyber Insurance Academy’s courses for Cyber Insurance Professionals, please visit this page. 

About The Cyber Insurance Academy’s CCIS course

The Cyber Insurance Academy offers the Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist (CCIS) program that enables CII members to immerse themselves in the complex, fast-paced, and rewarding cyber insurance sector while claiming up to 50 structured CPD credits with the CII. The course enables students to refine both their technical skills and their insurance knowledge to elevate their professional practice within the cyber insurance sector. Students are guided through a fully-interactive, self-paced, online program covering both fundamental and advanced cyber security subjects, cyber underwriting, claims and incident response, risk management, regulatory compliance, and more. Graduates of the program join a vast community of alumni where they can remain up to date on the latest industry developments through articles, webinars, workshops, and new courses.

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