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Masterclass: Integrating Human and Technical Defenses

Join our online Masterclass for practical strategies for guarding against the #1 cyber risk facing organizations today.
Integrating Human and Technical Defenses

How can integrating human and technical defenses promote a more holistic approach to cybersecurity? With over 25 years of experience spanning medical, aerospace manufacturing, and defense sectors, Erich Kron brings unparalleled expertise to address one of the most critical aspects of cybersecurity today: the human factor.

The conversation around human error and cyber risk has, once again, been shoved into the spotlight recently, with Southwest Airlines and Liberty Insurance battling out policy interpretation in federal court in May this year. The case has underscored the critical importance of nuanced interpretations of causation in cyber insurance claims, particularly concerning human actions and management decisions during cyber incidents. We are delighted to be hosting Kron for a one-hour online Masterclass that promises to advocate for a more nuanced understanding of how human actions interact with technical vulnerabilities. This Masterclass will explore practical strategies to strengthen organizational resilience against cyber threats, emphasizing proactive security measures and robust incident response frameworks.

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Masterclass Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of layered security strategies in mitigating cyber risks, comparing and contrasting different approaches to integrating human and technical defenses.
  • Analyze collaborative risk management practices, assessing their role in enhancing organizational cybersecurity resilience through the alignment of technical defenses and human awareness.

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Masterclass Speaker:

Erich Kron
Security Awareness Advocate

Erich Kron, Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4, author, and regular contributor to cybersecurity industry publications, is a veteran information security professional with over 25 years’ experience in the medical, aerospace manufacturing and defense fields. He is the former security manager for the US Army’s 2nd Regional Cyber Center-Western Hemisphere and holds CISSP, CISSP-ISSAP, SACP and many other certifications. Erich has worked with information security professionals around the world to provide the tools, training and educational opportunities to succeed in Information Security.

KnowBe4, the provider of the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, is used by more than 65,000 organizations around the globe. Founded by IT and data security specialist Stu Sjouwerman, KnowBe4 helps organizations address the human element of security by raising awareness about ransomware, CEO fraud and other social engineering tactics through a new-school approach to awareness training on security. The late Kevin Mitnick, who was an internationally recognized cybersecurity specialist and KnowBe4’s Chief Hacking Officer, helped design the KnowBe4 training based on his well-documented social engineering tactics. Organizations rely on KnowBe4 to mobilize their end users as their last line of defense and trust the KnowBe4 platform to strengthen their security culture and reduce human risk.


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