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Masterclass: Parametric Insurance – Building A Winning Proposition For The Emerging Risk of Business Interruption

Register to join a one-hour session on Parametric Insurance on 26 July 2022, 4 PM GMT (UK). The Masterclass will be guided by Sharon Haran, VP Europe at Parametrix Insurance.

Parametric Insurance Masterclass Description

Join us as we discover how parametric insurance models can answer some of the most pressing risks faced by businesses today. 

We are delighted to have Sharon Haran, VP Europe and insurtech expert at Parametrix Insurance, presenting an in-depth review of this innovative payment model which challenges conventional insurance payout mechanisms and criteria. 

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Parametrix Insurance enables businesses to recieve automatic payouts in the event of third-party IT downtime events, ensuring business continuity for technology-reliant businesses. In an era where the ripple effect of a cyber attack can stretch down a supply chain within moments and cause widespread paralysis to business operations, this Masterclass is not to be missed!

In this Masterclass:

  • A comprehensive overview of the Dependent Business Interruption, supply chain attacks, and the role of parametric cyber insurance in mitigating them.
  • New and innovative solutions to these issues, with a key focus on parametric insurance.
  • A simulation of parametric insurance policies in action.

Meet the Speaker

Sharon Haran

VP Europe at Parametrix Insurance.

Haran boasts a decade of experience in the insurance industry. Having previously spent over 7 years managing global, big-ticket business development projects on behalf of insurance companies, he went on to serve as CEO of an innovative insurtech company, now owned by David Sheilds. Haran is now VP Europe at Parametrix Insurance.


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