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The Cyber Insurance Industry is Facing a Severe Talent Shortage

The global cyber insurance market is expected to reach a value of over $28 billion by 2028, but a severe talent drought is holding it back

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About the Talent Shortage:

1. The size of insurance workforce is dwindling.

  • 400,000 employees will soon retire from the insurance workforce, but there is no one to replace them.
  • 8 out of 10 millennials are not interested in a career in insurance.

2. Cyber security knowledge and awareness is critically low.

  • Too few workers in the insurance sector possess the knowledge and technically skills needed to survive in the fast-paced, challenging cyber insurance industry.

3. The academic deficit must be met - and without delay.

  • Overall, the industry is not yet doing enough to attract, develop, retain young talent for cyber insurance roles. 

How the CCIS course can help:

  • The industry is in desperate need of intensive, role-specific, and practical training and professional development to meet the fast-approaching talent crisis. 
  • This is key to attracting a younger generation of workers, who statistically place greater value on learning and development opportunities and mentorship. 
  • Short, industry-focused courses can bring capable learners up to speed, bringing around a fast return on investment for the businesses they work for.
  • The Cyber Insurance Academy’s CCIS program is accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute – that’s quality, guaranteed.