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Online Cyber Insurance course

Learn at your own pace with this fully interactive learning program, accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

  • Certificate of accreditation
  • Engaging videos
  • Knowledge checks
  • Glossary
  • 40-50 hours
Our syllabus

Who is the course for & what will you learn?

By the end of this course students will be able to…

    • Design a dedicated cyber insurance policy based on clients’ needs.
    • Describe cyber threats, exposures, and security gaps, and discuss with technical teams, underwriters and claims experts.
    • Explain coverages, endorsements, exclusions, and the services provided by the insurance company.
    • Measure and quantify risk and help determine the appropriate liability limits and deductibles.
    • Manage cyber claims for clients.
    • Perform due diligence, analyze security exposures and risks.
    • Assess the current security posture of a certain company.
    • Evaluate premium prices and capacity based on the insurer's risk appetite.
    • Decide which of the requested coverages and endorsements will be included in the policy.
    • Manage silent cyber exposures.
    • Analyze the cyber policy, and give examples for claims and loss scenarios.
    • Assess cyber incidents and how it relates to the policy terms.
    • Coordinate between insurance professionals and cyber experts in the incident response process.
    • Evaluate damages to make claims' payment decisions.
    • Perform real-time decisions on payments for services on behalf of the insured.
    • Identify and analyze the financial impact of cyber threats.
    • Plan and examine cyber risk management and determine insurance budgets.
    • Benchmark the risk and measure the appropriate liability limits and deductibles.
    • Discuss other stakeholders in the organization evaluate cyber exposure.

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Graduates from over 40 countries worldwide have successfully completed our online cyber insurance course and become Certified Cyber Insurance Specialists.

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Cyber Training will Unlock the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has reached a crossroads. On one hand, with over 30% compound annual growth for cyber premiums over the last five years, cyber insurance has become the fastest-growing insurance market. On the other hand, the vast majority of insurance professionals lack sufficient cyber training and fluency in the “technical language” it demands to […]

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What makes the cyber insurance product so unique?

Cyber Insurance is a relatively young product. It was born in the late 90’s but matured only few years ago. In the last few years this product has managed to become the fastest growing product in the insurance industry to date (37% growth YOY).

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How to become a cyber insurance professional

Today, most insurance companies are offering specialized cyber insurance products, and many of them are beginning to include cyber insurance coverages across other line of insurance, such as marine and general liability insurance.

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