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Cyber Insurance is Growing Rapidly.

The accelerated evolution of technology has a great impact on our daily lives as well as businesses. Technological solutions contribute to businesses, while exposing them to the devastating cyber risks

Biggest Risk 2020

For the first time ever,
Cyber incidents rank as the most important business risk globally, according to the ninth Allianz Risk Barometer 2020

$6 Trillion Est. damage

The expected estimate for 2021 of Cybercrime damages is approximately $6 Trillion

Fastest Growth Ever

There was a significant 23% annual growth over the past five years

in cyber premiums,  estimating worldwide premiums at $7.5 billion by 2021

You Must know This.

Cyber security is no longer the sole playground of hackers, programmers and engineers. Yet, the existing knowledge among professionals in the insurance industry is far behind

Unlike other insurance policies, the main persona we are interacting with as brokers, underwriters, claims and other insurance personals, is the CISO/CIO.

Therefore, there is a need to know the proper terminology, the "Cyber language".

Cyber Policy is a very technical product, and in order to  properly manage the risk there is a real need to know technology. Forming the policy requires a deep understanding, both in the constantly changing cyber space, and in insurance. 


Our Graduates

"The academy is great. I'm pretty confident it will be of much assistance to me in my Cyber Insurance journey"

Spiros, Greece

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