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A fully interactive learning program, accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), where insurance professionals can gain 40-50 hours of CPD. The course covers a wide range of topics, from cyber security fundamentals to advanced cyber insurance subjects, including cyber underwriting, claims and incident response, risk management, regulatory compliance, and more.

Course Content

The Cyber Insurance Online Course provides students with all the knowledge they need to specialize in this field - and it does so in a way that is engaging, multi-dynamic and tailored to the student’s individual needs.

All chapters include:

  • Overview
  • Video tutorials
  • Interactive exercises
  • Assignments
  • Knowledge checks
  • Correlation lesson
  • Glossary
Let's start
    • Course overview
    • Cyber risks
    • Cyber security and information security
    • Cyber-attack targets
    • Cyber war
    • Information Technology
    • CIA Triad – the principles of information security
    • Risk Management
    • Meet the CISO
    • Changing role of the CISO
    • Internal and external threats
    • Attack surface
    • Attack vectors
    • Data breach
    • Malware
    • Ransomware
    • What is the Internet
    • The Internet protocol
    • Packet transmission & network devices
    • Network fundamentals
    • Communication protocols
    • The OSI model
    • The cloud
    • Internet of vulnerabilities
    • Defense in depth
    • Endpoint security
    • Network security
    • IT management
    • Important cyber defense terms
    • Nothing to hide
    • The wild wide web
    • Regulations
    • Standards and guidelines
    • Information security governance
    • Cyber insurance industry overview
    • The uniqueness of the cyber insurance
    • No more silent cyber
    • Cyber capacity
    • Cyber coverages
    • Main endorsements and exclusions
    • Sectoral policies
    • Personal cyber insurance
    • The proposal form
    • Cyber underwriting
    • Analytical technologies
    • Claims and incident response
    • Cyber insurance case studies
    • State of the market 2021
    • Useful tools
    • Being a cyber professional

The full CCIS course package includes

  • 40-50 hours

    The course is typically completed within 2-4 months. The license is valid for up to a year

  • Learn at your own pace

    The course is available 24/7, anywhere, any time. You can learn at your own schedule and pace

  • Engaging videos

    The course features engaging animated videos and additional video resources

  • Quizzes and knowledge checks

    The course includes interactive knowledge checks in each chapter and a final quiz

  • Vocabulary bank

    Over 200 cyber insurance terms, which are available in context throughout the various chapters

  • Expert support

    A team of experts is available online for both content-related and technical support

  • Certificate of accreditation

    Upon completion of the course learners receive a certificate of accreditation

  • Continuous learning

    Alumni members have exclusive access to newsletters, webinars, and other knowledge resources. In addition, graduates are eligible for considerable discounts in additional courses

  • On-going Monitoring

    Companies can monitor employee’s progress and achievements via a tracking dashboard

Discover if this course is right for you

  • "Cyber inexperienced" insurance professionals

    Pros new to the world of cyber insurance who either intend to practice dedicated cyber insurance or would like to eradicate “silent cyber” by implementing cyber-coverages in their insurance lines (e.g., Marine, Energy, Casualty, etc.).

  • Experienced cyber insurance professionals

    Pros with a good level of understanding of Cyber who desire more in-depth cyber insurance training.

  • All insurance roles

    Anyone and everyone working in the world of insurance, including brokers, underwriters, claims professionals, risk managers, insurance buyers, and insurance consultants.

Claim your CPD credits

The Cyber Insurance online course is a structured CPD (Continuing Professional Development) eLearning program that has been accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). Students can claim up to 50 structured CPD hours towards their relevant CPD scheme. To obtain the CPD certificate, students must complete all modules within the selected course and achieve 70% or higher on the final assessment.

Demonstrates the quality of the learning of the Cyber Insurance Academy and confirms that it meets CII/ Personal Finance Society member CPD scheme requirements.

Why insurance professionals choose the CCIS course

  • Gain foundational knowledge of cyber security & cyber threats and the terminology needed to converse with CISOs and technical staff
  • Gain practical insights, knowledge and tools relevant to cyber insurance coverages
  • Receive a certificate of accreditation from the world’s leading Cyber Insurance Academy
  • Claim up to 50 CII-structured CPD hours towards your relevant CPD scheme
  • Access a virtual community network of like-minded participant
  • Receive 24/7 course access to learn at your own pace and convenience

Why organizations send their employees to the CCIS course

  • Get “cyber inexperienced” employees trained up to practice dedicated cyber insurance
  • Eradicate "silent cyber" by training employees to implement cyber coverages in their insurance lines
  • Provide experienced cyber insurance pros with in-depth training and up-to-date role-specific knowledge
  • Support employees' learning and development goals
  • Equip employees with the latest knowledge, tools and insights in cyber insurance
  • Implement training customized to in-house policies, coverages, proposals and other focus areas
  • Remove need to develop and maintain in-house training
  • Provide employees with a CII-accredited CPD program that can be claimed towards their relevant CPD scheme


  • Yes, the course is delivered through an online platform that can be accessed through a standard web browser or mobile app. The course is available 24/7 and can be completed at your own pace to suit your schedule.

  • Maybe in the future. For now, the course is only in English.

  • No, there are no prerequisites for taking the course.

  • The course is for any insurance professional, including brokers, underwriters, claims professionals, risk managers, and other insurance executives. The course offers foundational knowledge as well as advanced topics. It is therefore suitable for both “cyber-inexperienced” insurance professionals and experienced cyber-insurance pros.

  • The learning platform offers an interactive and engaging learning experience that combines written content, videos, practice exercises, vocabulary banks, assignments, and quizzes. Each lesson focuses on a different subject and includes definitions, written content, and interactive features.

  • Each chapter ends with an interactive quiz. Passing the quiz will grant you access to the next chapter. At the end of the course there will be a final exam. Passing it will provide you with the Cyber Insurance certificate.

  • Yes. As a CII CPD-certified learning program, you will be accredited and be entitled to claim up to 50 hours towards your relevant CPD scheme.

  • Yes. Upon completion of the course and the final exam, you will receive a CI certificate.

  • The course can take between 30 to 50 hours, depending on the pace of your progress, and between 3-4 months to complete.

  • Yes. After completing the course, you can remain up-to-date with the latest knowledge through newsletters, webinars, and additional training sessions. Check the pricing page for a full list of offerings.

  • To learn about the course pricing, check out our pricing page.

  • As an insurance professional, you can sign up here.

    If you are an insurance organization wishing to train your employees, contact us for further details and special offers.

  • Individuals and small teams can pay by credit card or PayPal. Enterprises can pay via wire transfer.

  • After finishing the course, you will become part of an online community of cyber-security professionals. Through this network you will gain access to newsletters, webinars, and more that will ensure you stay up to date with the latest changes in the field.

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