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The Ultimate 2024 Cyber Insurance Conferences Calendar

Check out our top picks for industry-related events in 2024! Don’t miss out on a single opportunity for professional development this year.
The best cyber insurance conferences in 2024

We want our Community Members to secure their early-bird spots in the industry’s must-attend events this year! So, we’ve compiled a 2024 Global Cyber Insurance Conferences Calendar to help you stay on top of your Continuing Education. Make sure to download the printable calendar and gain access to a full list of cyber insurance, insurance innovation, and professional development conferences to attend over the next year. 

Cyber Insurance Conferences To Attend In 2024

Step into the future of cyber insurance by joining us at the must-attend conferences of 2024! In the dynamic realm of cyber insurance, staying ahead is crucial. With a constant influx of new threats and regulations, staying informed is vital. While online research and publications are valuable, nothing compares to the immersive experience of in-person conferences and networking events. It’s not just about staying updated; it’s about seizing the opportunity to forge connections and build relationships with fellow professionals. This article delves into the conferences that are essential additions to your calendar this year. Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your knowledge, expand your network, and stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving cyber insurance landscape!

Best Insurance Conference for: Zappy Cyber Insurance Education Boost

  • Organizer: Zywave
  • Conference: Casualty Insights Conference
  • Where: New York
  • When: March 13, 2024
  • Website

The Cyber Insurance Academy team loves all the Zywave conferences. They are the largest, one-day Cyber Risk & Insurance conference in the world. If you are located outside the US, check out the conference in May which takes place in London. The agenda covers insights into the state of the insurance and reinsurance market, updates on litigation trends and claims severity, and a wide range of emerging risks.

Best Insurance Conference for: A Slower Pace for Cyber Updates

  • Organizer: NetDiligence
  • Conference: Cyber Risk Summit
  • Where: Miami
  • When: February 12-14, 2024
  • Website

Spread your learning about cyber risk and privacy liability over 3 full days of workshops and panel discussions with industry leaders. Explore current and emerging concerns in the ever-changing cyber landscape with leaders in cyber risk and privacy liability. If you can’t make the one in Miami, they hold the conference in Toronto, San Diego, and Philadelphia as well. 

Best Insurance Conference for: Overall Professional Development 

RISKWORLD has something for everyone. This conference is 4 days of meaningful networking opportunities with industry peers, skill development, and market education. Attendees can really dive in and learn at their own pace and make the most out of the event.

Best Insurance Conference for: Cyber-Related InsurTech

  • Organizer: Intelligent Insurer
  • Conference: Cyber Risk & Insurance Innovation USA
  • Where: Chicago
  • When: May 29-30, 2024
  • Website 

Intelligent Insurer is bringing together all of the stakeholders involved in cyber insurance for a productive discussion on key topics like the threat landscape, war exclusions, systemic risk, and market conditions, along with exploring how to navigate the SMEs sector, how the legal maze reshapes cyber insurance, how AI changes the game, and what data can do for risk assessment.

Best Insurance Conference for: Making Sense of InsurTech Tools

  • Organizer: ITC
  • Conference:  ITC DIA Europe 2024
  • Where: Amsterdam
  • When: June 12-14, 2024
  • Website 

This conference hosts tons of tech providers and insurers who will be showcasing their most successful use cases. The conference will feature multinational, regional, and domestic carriers, large, mid-size, and niche carriers, and specialists from all over Europe and beyond.


Participating in conferences and networking gatherings holds significant importance for professionals in the cyber insurance field who aim to remain informed about the latest industry trends and establish valuable connections. It is crucial to emphasize that conference attendance represents merely a single avenue for ongoing education. Apart from physically being present at events, cyber insurance experts can enhance their knowledge by enrolling in online Masterclasses and actively engaging with the content featured in our Cyber Insurance Academy Newsletter. Leveraging these diverse educational opportunities empowers professionals to stay abreast of recent advancements, ensuring their competitiveness in the dynamic realm of cyber insurance.

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