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Masterclass: The Darknet – A Behind The Scenes Take on the Dark Side of the Internet

Register to join a one-hour session on the Darknet on 1 June 2022, 4 PM GMT (UK). The Masterclass will be guided by Yuval Sapir, Product Manager and cyber intelligence expert at Sling Cyber Insurance.

Darknet Masterclass Description

Join us as we unveil the Darknet: the underground network on which cyber insurers should be leaning. 

We are delighted to have Yuval Sapir, Product Manager and cyber intelligence expert at Sling Cyber Insurance, presenting a deep dive into this part of the web, unshrouding its mystery, myths, and potential as a valuable source of cyber security intelligence. 

Sling Cyber Insurance provides ongoing Cyber Insurance policies to SMBs by surveilling the Darknet for risks and threats targeting their specific attack surfaces. This insight into the inner workings of criminal cyber actors enables Sling to detect attacks at their earliest stages and offer bespoke policies. 

Can’t make the live session?

Register anyway and we’ll send you a link to the recording afterwards.

In this Masterclass:

  • A comprehensive overview of the dark web and its use by cybercriminals.
  • How intelligence gathered from the Darknet can translate into strong cyber security postures and better cyber policy underwriting.
  • Which areas of the Darknet should cyber insurance professionals be watching.

Meet the Speaker

Yuval Sapir

Product Manager at Sling Cyber Insurance.

Yuval Sapir has enjoyed a long and varied career in the cybersecurity sector – ranging from positions in elite cyber intelligence military units to commercially focused roles in cyber security technology. Today, she is a product manager at Sling, a Tel-Aviv-based cyber insurer with an insurance product that promises to disrupt the industry. 


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