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Alexander Reina, our youngest CCIS graduate, writes about his cyber insurance internship.

Check out this interview with Alexander Reina, an International Business student from London. He told us about his experience completing the Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist program here at the Cyber Insurance Academy.

Alexander completed the CCIS course as part of his cyber insurance internship at Howden Insurance Brokers, Israel. 

Q: How did you become interested in the field of cyber security and insurance?

A: Both of my parents,  my father and mother work in insurance broking so naturally I’ve heard a lot about insurance. I would describe myself as a people person and love the idea of building relationships as a vital part of a job. Within the whole insurance industry,  Cyber insurance stuck out and seemed the most interesting sub-sector to me because it is a modern and fast-paced industry, continuously changing and adapting its products.  I discovered my passion for cyber security and insurance through an internship at Howden Israel. Within the framework of my internship, I was given the opportunity to become a student in the Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist (CCIS)  course, provided by the Cyber Insurance Academy.  The CCIS course guided me through the journey of learning about different aspects of cyber security and insurance, simplifying an otherwise complex and technical subject, and furthering my interest in it.

Q: Considering that you are to date the youngest CCIS graduate, where does your motivation for Cyber Insurance/ Cyber related topics stem from? 

A: My personal motivation for Cyber Insurance and Cyber related topics stems from the prosperous and very promising career opportunities within the Industry. Going into the cyber insurance industry is an effective way to future-proof your career because it is a new niche and will become the fastest-growing insurance sector within the next few years. On top of that, there is a general lack of expertise and professionals in the Cyber Insurance industry, leaving a huge talent shortage gap worldwide. 

Q: Now you have completed your cyber insurance internship, do you think that Cyber Insurance is different from traditional insurance policies? 

A: A distinctive point is how difficult it is for insurance companies to deal with systemic risks associated with cyber attacks. As cyber insurance is new it lacks long-term data, making it harder to measure the risk, especially due to the rapid development in the cybersecurity industry and the complexity of cyber-attacks. Cyber insurance also covers an incident response team and has silent cyber which plays an ever-growing role in traditional policies.

Q: What is your greatest takeaway from the CCIS Course? 

A: That the field of cyber and cybersecurity is less complex than it seems, especially with an interactive course that guides you through learning the technical aspects of cyber security and teaches you the common buzzwords in the Industry. 

Q: Has the CCIS Course influenced your decision for a future career path in the field of Cyber Insurance? 

A: Yes, taking the CCIS Course has definitely influenced my decision for a future career path, as well as the many other opportunities I had during the internship at Howden.  I know that I am seriously interested in pursuing a career in insurance broking or underwriting, and, naturally, I would want to specialize in cyber policies.  

Q: Would you recommend the CCIS Course to the younger generation and other?

A: I would definitely recommend taking the course to anyone, regardless of the stage in their professional development,  who is interested in pursuing a career in cyber insurance, because it is a well-structured and interactive learning platform that will be the first step in future-proofing your career. 

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