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An Graduate’s Odyssey From Forensics to Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance professional and recent graduate talks about the importance of cyber insurance, the CCIS course, and the history of cyber.
Johan Wentzel talks cyber insurance

In the labyrinth of cyber insurance risks and digital complexities, Johan Wentzel stands as a stalwart, boasting over two decades as a cyber forensic professional. Currently steering the ship as the Forensic Technology Manager at Baker Tilly in London, Wentzel is not just an expert witness in courts but also a distinguished member of the EC Council’s global advisory board.

No Typical CCIS Graduate

Wentzel’s narrative is not your run-of-the-mill cybersecurity career. With a dynamic background spanning the financial services sector, consulting, and law enforcement, he wears his cyber expertise with pride. Day in and day out, he’s at the forefront, advising clients on the intricate dance of digital forensics, cyber claims, and eDiscovery-related matters. But what sets Wentzel apart is not just his extensive experience – it’s his recent graduation as a Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist (CCIS).

A History of Cyber Insurance

For Wentzel, the CCIS course was a gateway to a deeper understanding of the industry’s roots and evolution.

The course, with its comprehensive focus on the evolution of cyber policies and industry procedures, injected a fresh take into Wentzel’s pre-existing expertise.

As he puts it, “I can apply these new skills to my engagements with insurance providers, brokers, and their clients by assisting with the assessment of cyber claims.” The CCIS experience transformed Wentzel into a consultant armed with precise insights, adeptly navigating the cyber claims landscape with an IT-centric approach.

Cyber Insurance as a Critical Guideline

We probed Wentzel for his key takeaway from his experience with the Cyber Insurance Academy. In his response, he pointed to the critical “importance of cyber insurance for companies as a general guideline for improving their IT security posture”. In a world besieged by the looming threat and impact of cyber incidents on businesses and third parties, Wentzel’s urgency to drive this point home becomes palpable. This newfound wisdom isn’t merely a professional revelation; it’s a strategic compass propelling Wentzel forward in his consultations with both new and existing clients.

The CCIS course is a strategic compass propelling Wentzel forward in his consultations with both new and existing clients.

But, in the spirit of perpetual growth, Wentzel refuses to rest on his laurels. Armed with the momentum gained from the CCIS course, he’s charting a course to future-proof his expertise for good. Conferences, webinars, and a quest for new certifications are on his horizon – a testament to his unwavering commitment to developing his industry know-how. Luckily, much of these opportunities can be found within our very own community!


As Johan Wentzel embarks on the next chapter of his career and education journey, we wish him the best of luck and take pride in welcoming him to our community of graduates at the Cyber Insurance Academy, where knowledge is power, and brilliance knows no bounds.

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