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When Insurtech Meets Cyber Insurance

A CCIS Grad shares how the CCIS course has helped him create his own unique approach to helping businesses prepare for cyber events.
A Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist shares how the CCIS course has helped him create his own unique approach to helping businesses prepare for cyber events.

Technologist and entrepreneur, Nick Coppola, is a recent graduate of the Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist (CCIS) training course. We sat down with Nick to hear his opinions on the benefits of the course, how it advanced his career, and how continuing education is a freedom he dove head first into. 

Cyber Insurance Through a Technologist’s Lens

Nick Coppola wears many hats—technologist, entrepreneur, and perpetual student. His passion lies in enhancing business efficiency, enabling market expansion, and fostering a competitive edge.

“I’ve gained a lot of experience in the insurance industry, creating software solutions, including an entire underwriting system from submission to policy issuance. As a technologist, you learn the business from the inside out and I think that is key. You learn to be observant, to ask probing questions, and to work together with your client to arrive at a suitable solution,” He explains.

His professional pivot into insurance felt like a natural progression, but choosing to focus on cyber allowed him to combine his background in technology with a new field. 

“Because I’m not an agent first, but rather a business owner and technologist, I view insurance perhaps a little differently than others.”

“I’m hyper-focused on supporting businesses in their preparedness for a Cyber event and in doing so, I’m helping them be most attractive to the insurance carriers who I expect will see them as ideal risk-sharing partners.” Coppola expresses.

Redefining Client Engagement with Cyber Insurance Innovation 

Coppola shares of the course, “The CCIS course did not disappoint and was consistent with what I had heard about its content.” 

“I believe the process and the assignments helped me achieve a new level of comfort in approaching and working with potential clients.” 

“As for my company, I believe the course helped me solidify my own unique approach; meshing or blending core fundamental concepts with my own unique take and experience. I also see the CCIS course as the beginning of a long relationship of working with others who share a desire to develop excellence in this field.”

Committing to Professional Excellence

Coppola made it a point to focus on and embrace the CCIS and the Cyber Insurance Academy’s Continuing Education. He explains, “For me, the CCIS experience is one that I researched and then embraced fully”. 

Coppola, who is passionate about delivering unparalleled client advisory services, realized early on in his cyber insurance journey that to be successful in cyber a robust and up-to-date understanding of the industry is a must. The CCIS course and additional resources provided by the Cyber Insurance Academy have helped him to attain this level of comprehension: “My completion of the CCIS course and taking it upon myself to do it is a reflection of my commitment to learning and toward being as knowledgeable for my clients as I can possibly be.

SMB Advocacy with Cyber Insurance 

Coppola is a huge proponent of SMBs and sees Cyber events as something with the capability to financially and operationally ruin an SMB. He wants to help businesses protect themselves against that. “I see myself as an advocate of SMBs in this space. I’m excited to develop my skills and earn people’s trust as a “go-to.”

We wish Nick the best of luck in his career and the SMB space. We are proud to have him join our community of graduates at the Cyber Insurance Academy!

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