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Cyber Insurance Agent: The CCIS Was “An Opportunity I Didn’t Want To Miss”

How the community encouraged Nystrom to go cyber.
Cyber insurance agent and CCIS graduate takes us through his professional journey from personal lines of insurance to cyber policies.

Cyber insurance agent and CCIS graduate, Jake Nystrom from Far North Insurance, takes us through his professional journey in this interview. He shares how the cyber insurance community played a pivotal role in shaping his understanding of the indispensable need for cyber insurance in today’s digital landscape. 

Shifting From Personal Lines to Cyber

The journey into the cyber insurance industry was anything but linear for cyber insurance agent, Nystrom. With a career that initially began in personal insurance and slowly transitioned to the commercial side of the industry, the world of cyber insurance seemed like a distant possibility. However, as Jake delved deeper into the realms of SaaS and technology, he yearned to be part of something dynamic and constantly evolving. “I wanted to be involved in an area that is ever-changing and growing.” He was especially drawn to the cyber insurance community. It is a body that stands on the front lines of the market helping businesses understand the vital importance of a robust cyber program. 

With a deep affinity for and connection to the cyber community Nystrom, “connected with a few individuals in the cyber community, and they were quick to highlight the benefits of the CCIS course.” This was a carefully considered step toward enhancing Nystrom’s expertise in the field. He emphasized the significance of the course in bridging the gap between cyber knowledge and effective communication with clients. “The way the course ties in the cyber knowledge with talking to clients and prospects felt like an opportunity I didn’t want to miss,” he explained. 

A Cyber Insurance Agent Doesn’t Just Sell Policies

His words echoed a sentiment of responsibility, recognizing that cyber insurance isn’t just about selling a product; it’s about crafting robust cyber risk management strategies that safeguard businesses in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 

As an experienced cyber insurance agent, Nystrom carries a deep understanding of the pressing challenges agents are faced with. He shares, “Right now, the barrier I see is the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape and the gap between building a risk management strategy to help businesses recover after a cyber event.” He emphasized the need for a holistic approach to security, incident response, and business continuity. The completion of the CCIS course enriched his skills in this area, particularly when it came to analyzing case studies and crafting tailored insurance coverage checklists for diverse business types. 

Some parting advice, Nystrom highlights the importance of networking. “I would encourage any enthusiasts to network with other cyber insurance specialists to get an idea of what the market looks like, where the market is going, and ask what they can expect as they dive in.” 

As Jake Nystrom sets sail on the next leg of his career, we extend our best wishes and proudly welcome him into our community of graduates at the Cyber Insurance Academy.

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