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Interview with a certified cyber insurance attorney – Daniel Epshtein

Check out this interview with Daniel Epshtein, a graduate of the Cyber Insurance Academy and a lawyer specializing in insurance. In the following interview, Daniel speaks about his experience with the Cyber Insurance Academy and how it help advance his career.

Daniel has been a cyber insurance attorney for over 5 years and currently resides in Tel Aviv.

Q: What was the reason that led you to join the Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist (CCIS) course?

A: I was accepted to Gross, Orad, Schlimoff & Co., a top-tier Israeli law firm in the field of Insurance, including Cyber Insurance. When I started my work at the firm, I felt that I had a lack of Cyber Insurance knowledge and skills in order to handle Cyber Claims in the most professional manner. Therefore, I searched for an appropriate course that combines technical skills and insurance knowledge, and luckily if found the CCIS course.

Q: What sets this cyber insurance course apart from other cyber insurance programs?

Most of the cyber insurance programs are based on a predetermined framework. CCIS is customized and self-paced so that students can learn at his/her own convenience according to personal priorities. Also, the CCIS course contains technical aspects which do not exist in other insurance programs.

Q: What doors have been opened for you as a result of the course?

Thanks to the CCIS, I became a professional Cyber Insurance associate at the firm. I also decided to take my skills to the next level and completed a 100 hour technical course. In addition, I have been accepted to the Cyber, Politics and Government program at the Tel Aviv University.

Q: Can you state one or two unique tools/inputs you received from this cyber insurance training?

Thanks to the CCIS, I possess the ability to review forensic reports and hold discussions with CISOs and IR experts. Such abilities are crucial in handling complex and technical Cyber Claims.

Q: Would you recommend the CCIS course to your colleagues?

I believe that any legal associate, broker, UW, or claims pro working in the field of Cyber Insurance should take the CCIS course, including my colleagues.

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