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Interview with a certified cyber insurance underwriter – Fiorella Perrone

Check out this interview with Fiorella Perrone, a graduate of the Cyber Insurance Academy and an insurance professional. In this short interview, Fiorella speaks about her motivation to join the CCIS Course, and what the course has given her.  

Fiorella is a senior cyber insurance underwriter with more than 20 years’ experience in the financial and insurance/reinsurance industry.

Q: What was the reason that led you to join the Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist (CCIS) course?

I have to deal with cyber subjects every day as part of my job and wanted to undergo training to reinforce my knowledge as a cyber insurance underwriter.

Q: What sets this cyber insurance course apart from other cyber insurance programs?

I have to be honest it was a pleasant discovery. I did not know Cyber Insurance Academy and the CCIS course until the day when I accidentally read a Linkedin post. I was intrigued and started to navigate the CIA website and found it very interesting, especially for the possibility of online training that I could follow at any time of the day or night, at my own pace. This was very important for me as, being a  single working mum of two, I have very busy days and it is not easy to find time for continuing education if the course is not flexible.

Q: What is the course’s main contribution to you as a cyber insurance underwriter?

This course opened my mind and my perception of the risk in addition to the subject material.

Q: Can you state one or two unique tools/inputs you received from this cyber insurance training?

I learned specific terminology about cyber-related matters and learned more about the cyber world. Thanks to this course, the explicative examples, and the prompt feedback and interaction, when needed, I now feel more confident when approaching the subject.

Q: Would you recommend the CCIS course to your colleagues?

Definitely. This course is perfect for novices in the field as it goes into depth about the subject and lets you progress at your own pace. This is very important when you do not have a lot of spare time. It becomes an enjoyable activity in your life… it’s an amazing course!

Q: Where do you see the Cyber Insurance Market in your territory in the next 3 years?

We are becoming more and more tech and IoT-dependent. I believe the Cyber Insurance market is still in its growth curve and there is a lot of room and potential to expand in terms of volume, claims, and popularity, becoming a commodity or even compulsory coverage for big and small companies as well as individuals and households, similar to other common types of coverage today.

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