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Interactive Whitepaper: Cyber Insurance in 2024

Check out our new interactive whitepaper and hit the ground running this year.
Cyber Insurance in 2024 interactive whitepaper with expert insights

We are excited to share our latest interactive whitepaper that takes a fresh approach to understanding the state of cyber insurance in 2024. Our newly released whitepaper goes beyond the conventional format; it is an interactive experience that allows you to engage with the content in a more dynamic way. This blog post offers a preview of the features of our new whitepaper together with key insights raised by our recent panel of cyber insurance market leaders.

Cyber Insurance in 2024 Key Insights

  1. The Changing Landscape of Cyber Insurance: An look at the evolving market, mistakes and growth area.
  2. Industry Evolution in 2024: Is it time to kill the cyber insurance application questionnaire? How can technology be leveraged more efficiently to improve policyholder experiences?
  3. Understanding Threat Activities: An exploration of noteworthy and increasingly sophisticated attack vectors that claims professionals have contended with over the past 12 months.
  4. Proactive Cyber Policies: A look into what carriers can be doing differently this year to encourage between market resilience and to boost SME market penetration.
  5. Systemic Risk: Why war exclusions were a red herring an unhelpful distraction from the wider issue of systemic cyber risk.
  6. Regulatory Landscape in 2024: Insights into the rise of Class Action Lawsuits, changes in regulation and the glimpses of the future that the EU can get from it’s US counterparts.

A Sneak Peek at the Whitepaper

Brimming with expert insights and fresh perspectives, our whitepaper packs what you need to know into neat, manageable learning blocks. Get an overview of market developments at a glance, before delving into the finer detail.

The most notable threat activities in cyber insurance 2024.

Our interactive whitepaper offers a thoughtful and insightful preview of what’s to come in cyber insurance in 2024. Click the download button above to get started.

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