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Understanding Zero Trust and Cyber Insurance with Zscaler

Read our exclusive* report on one of the biggest underwriting considerations this year.

Unlock the Intersection Between Zero Trust and Cyber Insurance With Our Exclusive Report

Welcome to your ultimate crash course on the zero trust cybersecurity framework and it’s impact on cyber insurance. In partnership with leading cybersecurity solution provider Zscaler, we bring you cutting-edge research that is designed to empower informed decision-making across broking, underwriting, and reinsurance cyber policies.

What’s Inside:

  • Zero Trust In Pictures: Learn from handy illustrations that showcase how Zero Trust addresses common security issues. A great resource for visual learners.
  • Real-Life Application: Apply zero trust principles to real cyber insurance questionnaires and proposal forms. Learn how to assess an insureds’ zero trust implementation with these questions in mind.
  • Aligning Zero Trust With Cyber Underwriting: Understand how carriers could refocus and streamline their decision-making through this cybersecurity framework.
  • Complete Glossary: A handy reference with a glossary of common Zero Trust terms. Navigate the world of cybersecurity with confidence.


Why You Should Download:

  • Gold Standard, World-Class Industry Leaders: Get credible and authoritative insights from top experts at Zscaler, a global leader in cybersecurity technologies and emerging trends.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Equip yourself with the knowledge needed for smarter decision-making in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity and insurance. Handle this complex technical topic with confidence.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Get practical recommendations for broking, underwriting, and reinsurance professionals to stay ahead of the curve and boost professional performance.


Download our exclusive report now to elevate your understanding of the crossroads between zero trust and insurance.

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About Cyber Insurance Academy:

The Cyber Insurance Academy has taken a different approach to cyber risk transfer mechanisms and believes that the market today is in desperate need of education in order to unlock the development of the cyber insurance product and to support cyber policy buyers more confidently. Our educational program is accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute – a mark of distinction awarded only to programs that meet rigorous criteria, namely, clear value-added, high standards of academic quality, and the delivery of tangible professional development.

For more information about the Cyber Insurance Academy’s courses for Cyber Insurance Professionals, please visit this page.

About Zscaler:

Zscaler uses the world’s largest security cloud to make doing business and navigating change a simpler, faster, and more productive experience.


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