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My Career In Cyber Insurance Began With The CCIS, Says Gal Korablikov

CCIS graduate, Gal Korablikov, talks us through his journey to cyber insurance and why he thinks the CCIS course gave him an unrivaled competitive edge in his job search.

Gal recently completed the Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist (CCIS) program and works as a product marketing manager at Sling Cyber Insurance. He sat down with us to discuss his career in cyber insurance, his experience with the Cyber Insurance Academy, and the use of technology to rank insureds according to risk.

How Did You Get Into The Cyber Insurance Industry?

Honestly, by happy accident. I was conducting a job search when I came across Sling Cyber Insurance.  Some research into the industry quickly turned into a golden opportunity to combine my interest in cybersecurity with my undergraduate studies, which included some modules on insurance, in a rapidly growing industry. I sought out an alumnus for some advice and further insight and connected to Asaf, the co-founder of Cyber Insurance Academy. Asaf helped me to prepare for interviews and tests, ultimately helping me to land my current position as Product Marketing Manager at Sling Cyber Insurance. 

What Brought You To The Certified Cyber Insurance Professional (CCIS) Course?

I was concered that having no training or education in the industry would disadvantage me when I first joined Sling. I was keen to “talk the talk” as soon as possible, but, given that the cyber insurance product is still relatively young, I found devising a strong product marketing strategy for Sling very challenging. The management team at Sling are big supporters of CPD and CE intiatives, and so they encouraged me to study the Certified Cyber Insurance Course.

How Did Taking The CCIS Course Contribute To Your Career In Cyber Insurance?

A key benefit of the CCIS course is the understanding it has given me of the product itself, the market’s key pain points and the way in which Sling can address them. Ultimately, the CCIS course has made me a better product marketer and a better employee.  

Would You Recommend The Certified Cyber Insurance Professional (CCIS) Course To Your Peers And Colleagues?

This course is absolutely one of the best I have ever taken, and I would recommend it to anyone else in the cyber insurance industry! The practical skills and technical understanding that I have gained has astounded my fellow team members at Sling. I personally found that every chapter of the course rewarded me with a deeper understanding of topics that I could not learn anywhere else. 

What Doors Have Been Opened For You As A Result Of Completing The Cyber Insurance Academy’s Academic Education?

The Academy’s Certification has given me an edge over others in the industry. I am not sure what doors will open up for me in the future, but I know that have I gained valuable knowledge and confidence that I will be able to apply throughout the rest of my career. 

Where Does Your Company See The Biggest Challenges For Its Insureds?

We focus on quantifying risk differently. We created Sling’s scoring algorithm to assess the probability of a cyberattack because that’s the event that matters. The calculation considers real clients’ risks and exposure levels by leveraging sophisticated intelligence collection and scanning methods. With our Darknet intelligence and cybercrime understanding capabilities, we have developed a predictive cyber risk score. By doing this, we will be able to help our clients and insurers better understand the likelihood of a cyberattack on their assets and the assets of their vendors. It is this type of information that can be used to help insureds mitigate their threats and act as soon as possible.

Want to kick-start your career in cyber insurance? Read about our CCIS course here.

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