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Interview with a certified cyber broker – Afolabi Soaga

Check out this interview with Afolabi Soaga, a graduate of the Cyber Insurance Academy and an insurance pro. In this short interview, Afolabi speaks about his motivation to join the CCIS Course, and why now is the right time. 

Afolabi is a cyber broker at a boutique insurance brokerage in Nigeria.

Q: What was the reason that led you to join the Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist (CCIS) course?

For me, it was more of a business need. Cyber Insurance is still at a very infant stage in my country – Nigeria. However, following the pandemic, interest in the product seems to be trending upwards. My employer saw an opportunity for us to become a leading voice of cyber insurance in the country, hence my decision to acquire expert knowledge in the field so that we can adequately ride this booming opportunity in the industry.

Q: What sets this cyber insurance course apart from other cyber insurance programs?

In the CCIS course, there is an active, diverse, and dynamic community of cyber insurance enthusiasts and experts. Since joining, I have been able to maintain a steady and continuing relationship with the faculty and other members of the community. Furthermore, I am assured of continued support should I run into difficulties in my cyber insurance journey even outside the academy. It has truly been a blessing! I also enjoyed the curriculum and how the lessons were delivered. They were easy to learn and engaging.

Q: What is the course’s main contribution to you as a cyber broker and insurance professional?

The course has helped me upskill as a professional; particularly as a cyber insurance professional. Now I am more confident about going into conversations about the cyber world. The knowledge that I have gained will remain relevant in today’s ever-changing, and internet-based world.

Q: Can you state one or two unique tools/inputs you received from this cyber insurance training?

The major takeaway for me is my newly acquired ability to speak the cyber language. I find this useful in both my professional and personal life.

Q: Would you recommend the CCIS course to your colleagues?

Absolutely! Anyone looking to get ahead in the cyber insurance field should sign up.

Q: Where do you see the Cyber Insurance Market in your territory in the next 3 years?

I see it gaining more prominence and traction as it has started to already. I also expect that we will have more professionals and experts who will be able to speak the cyber language better.

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