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“What drew me to cyber insurance education?” An interview with Deanen Turner.

Check out this interview with Denean Turner, an experienced Business Development Underwriter at Emergence Insurance, Melbourne. Turner told us about her experience completing the Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist program here at the Cyber Insurance Academy.

Turner is an underwriter with more than 20 years of experience, has started the CCIS course in order to further her cyber insurance education.

Q: How did you get into the Cyber Insurance Industry?

A: I was working with general insurance companies for about 20 years before I was invited to join the Emergence growing team.  Emergence only writes Cyber Insurance.

Q: What brought you to pursue cyber insurance through the Certified Cyber Insurance Professional (CCIS) course?

A: Our COO was in contact with the CI Academy and arranged for all Emergence Underwriting staff to complete the training course.

Q: How did taking the CCIS course benefit you in your professional career?

A: It is helping me understand some of the behind-the-scenes of IT infrastructure and Cyber Hackers and Attacks that I was not previously aware of.

Q: Would you recommend the CCIS course to your peers and colleagues

A: Yes, I have already recommended the course to several of my brokers who would like to focus their careers in Cyber Insurance.

Q: What doors have been opened for you as a result of completing the Cyber Insurance Academy’s academic training?

A: At this point, I have not completed the course, I’m about 65% through. But I believe once I’m able to add this to my CV, many doors will open to other career opportunities with the combination of Insurance and Cyber knowledge.

Q: Now that you are a certified cyber Insurance professional, where do you see the Cyber Insurance Market in the next three years?

A: In Australia, we joke that Cyber Insurance is the new Management Liability policy which was hard to sell 10 years ago. Nowadays, it would be hard to find a business that doesn’t have Management Liability. I see Cyber Insurance heading in the same direction. As people who have suffered a breach are sharing their stories with friends, family, and other business owners it is sparking greater interest in the product.

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