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Interview with a certified cyber insurance broker – Raul Perez

Check out this interview with Raul Perez, a graduate of the Cyber Insurance Academy and an insurance pro. In this interview, he speaks about our methodology and why it’s unique as well as our amazing network of staff and alumni. 

Raul boasts over two decades of experience as a cyber insurance broker. Today he the CEO of a specialist reinsurer.

Q: What was the reason that led you to join the Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist (CCIS) course?

A: Being a professional in the insurance world and passionate about technology, cyber insurance has always caught my attention. However, I understood that I did not have the necessary technical knowledge to speak with our clients or to understand the complex world of cyber risks. After a short search on the web, I wondered if CCIS was just another course, or if it was  “THE COURSE”. I signed up and quickly realized that I was in the right place. Now I can confirm that it is not just another course, it is THE COURSE!

Q: What sets this cyber insurance course apart from other cyber insurance programs?

The main difference is the learning method, which is split into two: an online part, with extraordinary class materials and lessons (videos, infographics, etc.), and the constant support from the community made up of Cyber Insurance Academy staff and alumni.
The Cyber Insurance Academy has managed to create a unique tool with extraordinary potential for online cyber insurance education, where you never feel alone. You are always motivated to keep moving forward and achieve your goals. So, in a word: AWESOME.

Q: What doors have been opened for you as a result of the course?

The ability to speak and sell to clients, which as a broker is always our main goal. After graduating, I’m now able to speak to the clients’ tech teams in their own language. I understand what they face every day and I have the necessary tools to deliver the exact product based on their needs.

Q: Can you state one or two unique tools/inputs you received from this cyber insurance training?

It changed my view on the entire cyber insurance sales process. Now I can understand the whole process from the CIO/CISO point of view which is great and helpful. Before the course, I usually approached this type of business from the CEO/CFO point of view. Now I understand that such a complex and technical risk needs a different sales approach.

Q: Would you recommend the CCIS course to your colleagues?

Without a doubt! The Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist course is one of the best courses I have had the privilege of attending, and it is unique in its methodology and vision. All roles within the insurance industry (brokers, underwriters, claims managers, etc) who wish to specialize in cyber, should definitely join the Cyber Insurance Academy.

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