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How the CCIS Course Benefited Cyber Insurance Broker, Stéfanie Deley

See how the CCIS course improved Stéfanie Deley’s career as a cyber insurance broker.
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Stéfanie Deley began her career as a financial lines underwriter but after 5 years in underwriting, Stéfanie became a cyber insurance broker at AON with a focus on cyber placement. We caught up with Stéfanie to see how the CCIS course benefited her as a cyber insurance broker. 

As a cyber insurance broker, what motivated you to pursue your cyber insurance training with the Certified Cyber Insurance Specialist (CCIS) course?

After COVID-19, I noticed that the industry was rapidly changing and risk assessments were becoming more complex. Questions were now more technical and as a cyber insurance broker, I wanted to be able to understand my clients’ risks and offer them the proper solutions. I found that the CCIS course was ideal when it came to improving my technical skills on the IT side of the industry. 

Now that you have the CCIS certificate, what value do you think credentialed learning brings to both the learner and their employer?

For me, it’s proof that I strive to give my clients the best service I can as a cyber insurance broker and also as a risk consultant. Receiving this certificate provides added value and assurance for potential clients.

What tools and technologies do you think cyber policy brokers should be upskilling themselves with to cope with the changing threat landscape of 2023?

Cyber insurance brokers will have to be able to assess a client’s risk at a higher standard. Our clients will request an initial posture analysis of their risk in order to get an idea of what kinds of cyber insurance policies they will qualify for. In order to do that, cyber insurance brokers will need to improve their technical skills in order to properly support and advise clients on how to improve their risk from an insurer’s point of view. Additionally, new laws and regulations are always a challenge for brokers as they need to be aware of the additional risks posed and to advise clients on their compliance. 

What would you recommend to other cyber insurance brokers before they start their cyber training journey? 

We work in a very busy industry. Plan your schedule in advance by blocking out specific times in your agenda to work on the CCIS course. Time flies and before you know it, weeks will have passed! 

What is the current state of the Belgian Cyber Insurance Market in 2023? 

The cyber insurance market in Belgium is like in any other market, it is constantly evolving. Clients are more aware of risk and invest a lot in their cyber maturity and resiliency so, let’s hope that insurers recognize that and continue to offer affordable premiums. The market needs stabilization for the clients, insurers, and cyber insurance brokers.

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