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Masterclass: Cyber Insurance for SMBs

Register to join a one-hour virtual Masterclass about the risks and opportunities for cyber insurance with SMBs on Tuesday, 5 March 2024, 4pm UK.
Risks and Opportunities in Cyber Insurance for SMBs

Opportunities and Challenges with Cyber Insurance for SMBs

Unlock the potential of Cyber Insurance for SMEs with our upcoming webinar, “Risks and Opportunities in Cyber Insurance for SMBs.”

The escalating threat of cyber attacks specifically targeting small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) is set to make 2024 “the year of the SMBs” for cyber carriers. However, as small-to-medium enterprises often approach cyber insurance with hesitation, understanding their unique needs is crucial for increasing their uptake. In an evolving digital landscape where threat actors increasingly target small businesses, educating business owners about the risks and consequences of cyber attacks becomes paramount.

Join our webinar to gain insights on effectively conveying the importance of cyber coverage and equipping SMEs with the knowledge to protect themselves in this rapidly evolving cyber insurance market.

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Selling cyber insurance for SMBs

Topics covered:

  • Why does the SMB cyber market offer such significant potential right now?
  • Navigating the SMB cybersecurity ecosystem and evolving threats
  • Practical next steps to insuring SMBs
  • Learning to communicate effectively with SMBs about cyber insurance
  • Boosting accessibility of cyber insurance for SMBs
  • And much more…

Meet the Speaker

Ro’ee Margalit

Co-founder & CEO, Rotate

With over a decade of experience in cybersecurity, spanning both offensive and defensive fronts – from officer roles in elite cyber units to founding startups focused on cutting-edge technology and AI – Ro’ee leverages his expertise to set new standards in the cyber industry and his goal is protecting the digital realm for the unprotected.

Rotate is a 360° cybersecurity platform built for the way you do business, combining security and insurance to provide you with safety, assurance, and continuity 24/7, 365 days a year.

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